Sunday, August 5, 2012

BB14: The 'Dan' Button -- Week 3 Recap/Analysis

"That was your dream.  A big fucking red 'Dan' button." --Mike Boogie

In what is quickly becoming one of the most exciting seasons to date, another week of Big Brother was put into the books -- only to be removed from them right away.  Nonetheless, we're back to go over yet another round of plotting, scheming, conniving, and blindsiding.  After that, we discuss the results of the recent HoH competition and break down how we think each remaining player stands as we enter the comparatively fair portion of the game.

Plus, where does Thursday night's twist rank in the pantheon of other historically great riggage? What should our vicarious player of the season, Ian, be thinking about at this point in the game? And is anyone going to stop Dan from waltzing to yet another effortless victory?

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