Friday, August 17, 2012

Breaking Bad: Season 5 Analysis Part I

The fifth season of "Breaking Bad" is upon us and today we sit down to add, divide, and measure everything we've been shown by Vince Gilligan and company so far.

"Breaking Bad," as it turns out, is far more interesting than, for instance, astronomy, so instead of quickly becoming tired and sick, we ended up talking for four hours.  As a result, this podcast will be split into two parts, the first of which will cover "Live Free or Die" and "Madrigal," with the second covering "Hazard Pay," "Fifty-One," and "Dead Freight."

We'll break down all of the pertinent details of each episode and hypothesize about the implications of potential themes we may see developing this season.  Join us as we interpret the charts and diagrams so that down the line we may more fully appreciate the perfect silence of the stars.

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  1. Colin thinks Deb is a bad female character. That is surprising since IMO she is probably the best female character on any TV show that I can think of and have watched.


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