Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Genius 4: Loyalists and Rebels Recap/Analysis

Today we're back yet again to wax entitled about the latest episode of The Genius that failed to live up to the historic bar they've set for themselves but would be a top 5% reality episode in America. In today's show we wonder what's worse: drawing a Rebel or the new DailyMotion player? Is this the first time that knowing a hundred digits of pi has organically come in handy for any person in the history of time, and just how handy was it? Plus, which former finalists have the best chance of making it to the end again, and who's best poised to stop them? All that and more when you listen below, here, or at your leisure when you download the mp3 directly.

Loyalists and Rebels
Fish Shop with Mike Bloom
Horror Race with Jay Fischer
Auction Draft with Kos


  1. S4 Jinho sucks. I don't know why he is constantly included in the Dongmin/Hyunmin group by you guys.

    His best move this season has been allying with Dongmin (which over half the cast has done that so good job?) and the most screentime he has gotten was him getting stomped in Yutnori. The Game theory is way more complex than anything in S1 and I think we're seeing it with Jinho's performance this season

    but Dongmin stomping everyone is getting stale so I hope Jinho/Kyungran manage to pull of a coup next week (based on the EP 7 preview)

    - I don't know why AIM is messing up my name like that. D=

  2. I think he may be playing under the radar.


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