Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Genius 4: Fish Shop Recap/Analysis with Mike Bloom

Today we're back with Survivor Historian slash RHAP staple Mike Bloom at the fish shop to break down who's popping tags, who's stunting, and who got the come-up of a lifetime. In a week where so many solved the Main Match, was the game flaaaawed?  Who's in the best spot now to end up on top in a world that suddenly seems so upside down? What might an American version of The Genius look like? And honestly, how is this show not scripted? All that and more when listen here or download this week's episode on Google Drive because our regular server is apparently about as useful as a one-dollar squid.

Fish Shop with Mike Bloom
Horror Race with Jay Fischer
Auction Draft with Kos


  1. loving all your genius podcasts since last week i found about this blog. anyway, just a recommendation- i believed the genius is heavily influenced by the japanese manga : liar game (overall concept, garnets, style interior even scary masked narrator) which has plenty of live adaptations.
    if you guys had time, do watch the dramas-- because i found the games and characters are really great as well!

  2. There definitely has been one dud casting choice ever. Kim Min-seo, the auctioneer from Season 1, is by far the most ill-equipped person to have ever been there.


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