Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Genius 4: Today's Menu Recap/Analysis

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Today's menu is pain and devastation as we break down Episode 3 of The Genius: Grand Final.  What are the larger ramifications of this week's shocking result, and just how shocking was it? How thoroughly destructive can K-Hound be in a world where no one will talk to him? And with the sudden change in landscape, how likely are we to see S3 redux and who might take the lead in preventing it? All that and more on this week's show, which you can listen to here or download directly via Google Drive below along with all of our other S4 podcasts since our normal hosting site is totally Kyunghoon-ing us right now.

Horror Race with Jay Fischer
Auction Draft with Kos


  1. Letter on behalf of the King

    Hi, my name is Hob, I’m from Brazil, and first of all, I apologize for any errors in English and by the size of this letter.
    That said, i must reveal that for a few months I’ve been following silently your podcast. I'm not sure how it started, but now I am a regular visitor of your blog.

    Ok, enough about me. I want to talk about a man. A man I began to follow 3 months ago, when I watched the first episode of the first season of The Genius. I didn’t know at the time, but he would become my favorite contestant of any reality show in the world.

    His name: Lee Sangmin

    In the progress of the episodes, I was more amazed by his skill, his divine intuition, his ability to manipulate people and his vein for entertainment. Sangmin is a player who delivers all his heart to the game, a will to win as contagious, and at the same time, light-hearted, that I was infected. I rooted so much for Sangmin that in S1E11, I was saddened by his elimination, one step from the end. However, I considered him the MVP of the season and really enjoyed finding a player as impressive and a fantastic show.

    Little did I know that there would be more. As an addict that I am when I like something, I watched the second season soon after, getting immensely surprised to the presence of Jinho and Sangmin. My immediate reaction was fear. I didn’t want another Cesternino in All Stars. Contrary to my expectations, Sangmin simply destroyed the second season - episode 6 is so far my favorite episode from a reality show - and was crowned champion.

    Then I watched S3, and, although good, is not the same without Sangmin. For me, in addition to good games and strategies, The Genius won me over in what I call The Sangmin's Moment. When the music starts playing and the drums comes into flames, I know that something crazy will happen. So maybe for this reason S3 is the season I like the least.

    Two weeks after finishing the third season (and consumed everything that you have posted on the blog about the show), I was again worried by Sangmin in what is possibly the last season of The Genius. After two great episodes, we come across that fateful episode; the elimination of Sangmin.

    It's funny that, the elimination of a contestant is similar to a death of a character in a film or a series. We feel pain and sorrow because we know that is it, it’s over, we will never see them again. With that in mind, I admit that I was very sad. I think even felt a little pathetic for getting so bad that way.

    Hours after the end of the third episode, I tried to understand my own sense of defeat, feeling that this was bullshit. Until I realized that this was no ordinary elimination. It was my favorite player of all time.

    Of course, Hyumin, Jinho and Dongmin are all bright. But what separates the best from everybody else, is its unique character. Sangmin makes you eliminate your own ally. Sangmin sells someone for Garnets. Sangmin brings Haha. Sangmin is a double agent. Sangmin is a triple agent. Sangmin raps. Sangmin radomly dances in the floor. Sangmin draws the Snake. Sangmin looks at you and find out if you're lying. Sangmin takes a selfie with the token of immortality. Sangmin hides under the table. Sangmin is funny as Rob Cesternino, dominates like Boston Rob and Kim Spradlin, is a showman as Dan Gheesling and a supreme being of evil as Dr. Will. And above all, he is as skilled as those cited. Sangmin is magic. There is only one Sangmin, and there will only be one Sangmin until the end of times. For me, Sangmin is THE GENIUS.

    Forever in my heart he will be the best player of the genius of all time and of any reality TV show in the world. This may have been the "death" of Sangmin and his last participation in the genius, but his legend will continue forever.

    So, I just wanna thank you guys for introduce me to the genius, and let me know about the greatness of Lee Sangmin.

    All Hail

    The Black Magician
    The Crazy Bastard
    The Demon King

  2. Re-watching The Genius S4 and listening to your podcasts after each episode and thought I'd point out the flaw in Dom's idea:

    It doesn't take into account if Sangmin and K-Hound put one box on 2-3 and one box on 4-6. This lead to a ton of different scenarios depending on which meal the two pick (can be the same or different) and which person HyunMoon choose to mirror (or not). Ultimately there's not a 100% certain solution to ensure BOTH Sangmin coming last and K-Hound not winning.


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