Monday, September 28, 2015

Survivor 31: Season Premiere Recap/Analysis

After what was surely a hectic preseason, the wait is finally over and today we're back to break down the first 90 minutes of Survivor: Redemption Arc Island. With Abi already in top form, is Peih-Gee the new RC? Did Varner make the right choice when making his decision between (pre-game) alliances? What can be made of Stephen's social media #SURVIVORMELTDOWN and can he potentially recover? Did Vytas play his way out of the game two years before it started? And how do Wentworth and the rest of the supporting cast stack up looking ahead? All that and more on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. Colin was being a bit unfair to the Survivor Wiki as it doesn't try to post any insights at all typically and for the case of Stephan simply just re-posted Stephan's CBS bio from Survivor Tocantins which was written by Stephan.

    The only thing that the Survivor wiki posted that was not quoted: "He is known for his strong strategic play in the game, described by Coach Wade as "The Wizard," and earning him a spot in the final two. However, a poor performance in the Final Tribal Council gave a unanimous win to his close ally J.T. Thomas."

    Which I think is pretty accurate.


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