Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Genius 4: Finale + Season Review with Kos

It's time to say goodbye to the greatest show in the genre, and it's hard to do it justice. We (mainly Colin) are indebted to Kos who always would chip in with hot takes and who joins us once again to settle some scores. How do the winner and the season stack up in the all-time RTV pantheon? Should we hope for the show to be revived, and would we even want that? And why is the Bangor public works department facing (wholly undeserved) criticism? All this and more on our final The Genius podcast, available below, here, or on iTunes here.

(music: John Hiatt)


  1. Top Genius Players:

    1. Dongmin
    2. Hyunmin
    3. Jinho
    4. Wood Chipper
    5. Sangmin

  2. I think you're being too down on Jinho. He had a decidedly subpar early season, but he stuck with a good strategy for Minus Auction that ended up winning and was close to a win in seed poker before it turned into a 5-on-2 with the 5-man alliance drawing 1-5 in the last round to snuff out any hope of those two winning.

    Most importantly, though, he was literally a series of coin flips in double-sided poker away from eliminating Kyunghoon and advancing to the top 3, at which point things could have potentially gone in several directions. Given that this is the third time it's come down to coin flips in a poker DM, they really should patch that rule if they do it again in a hypothetical future season. It takes a pretty fun DM format and turns it into a farce.

  3. Colin had his own Maine match going on for this podcast


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