Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Survivor 32: Season in Review

Now that everything's been said, done, and suckled, we're back to break down Michele's win, Aubry's loss, and much more as we wrap up our coverage of Survivor 32. How will the result affect the way fans view not only the season, but also the jury system in general? Where does Michele's winning game stack up historically? How does Kaoh Rong rate in our extremely scientific season rankings? Plus, a first look at the cast of Survivor 34 when you listen on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

SPOILER ALERT: While most of the S34 discussion begins 2h54m in, a few of the returnee names get mentioned earlier. For anyone averse to that sort of thing, tune out around the 2 hour mark, and probably stay off Twitter for the next 8 months.

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Season in Review
Episode 13
Episode 12 with Alex Kidwell
Episode 11 with Kos
Episode 10
Episode 9 with Sarah Freeman
Episode 8
Episode 7
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Episode 2 with Taran Armstrong
Episode 1
Season Preview

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  1. Overall, amazing podcast. Please keep it up.

    However, I definitely personally disagree with the notion that the wrong person wins. Survivor isn't necessarily a game that rewards strategy and gameplay. It wasn't necessarily designed to be that way, and more often than not the most likeable person wins, regardless of the strategy they used to get to the end, as you guys mentioned.

    That's part of Survivor being a social experiment. Just because sometimes you're disappointed in the outcome of said experiment, doesn't mean that the outcome wasn't "right" based on who played and how people played. I understand that's obviously a rather purist viewpoint, but it's hard to break away from that purism.

    Just because Aubry played a good game and was likeable and lost doesn't really change anything, just like it didn't change anything when Spencer or Dawn or Lisa or Coach or Parvati or Stephen or Sugar (or whoever) lost. Sometimes the edit helps guide us better into accepting the loss (e.g. emphasising Sugar or Spencer becoming detached and spiteful at the very end), and sometimes the edit is a little questionable (e.g. hero music while Aubry builds fire, omitting classic finale Juror Confessionals when they could've really come in handy to help justify her loss, omitting maybe 30 seconds of Michele backstory and character building to help us root for her).

    At the end of the day, Aubry (after likely being saved by Neal's evacuation) chose to backstab people of her own volition, and couldn't convince her peers at the end that this backstabbing was worth rewarding.

    That's the game. IMHO.


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