Sunday, June 5, 2016

Survivor 34: Must-Win Auction Draft with Kos

With Kaoh Rong already a fond, distant, three-week-old memory, we're back today to auction off the cast of Survivor 34: Names from a Hat. Bidding in actual American dollars and cents, we dive into the hodgepodge group that will grace our screens in eight short months and offer early projections on how things might go down. The complete results can be found here and the full audio version can be found below, here, or on iTunes here.

(music: Pearl Jam)

MP3 download HERE.

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  1. Interesting auction draft. I think Kos has the best team, especially since this cast seemingly has a bunch of large egos and we can easily see either a more-humble strategist win or someone backwards their way into a win. I haven't seen the spoilers yet, but I'd have to imagine that the two returnees from S33 are polarizing figures, and I think they were undervalued. I disagree that Jeff V. hasn't learned from his mistakes, based on what I've heard in his interviews and podcasts. He'll probably overcorrect again, though. I think the WA Sierra and Caleb were both steals. Great podcast, as always!


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