Sunday, January 14, 2018

Big Brother All-Stars: Endgame Discussion with Mike Bloom

Just as the HouseGuests are securing their spots in the final four, BB7 is down to the final four TV episodes of the summer and joining us to talk through the endgame is our #1 ho-mance, Mike Bloom. In our penultimate podcast of the season we eulogize Dr. Will and Janelle (FIGURATIVELY), evaluate Boogie's winning game, examine Erika's pivotal role in shaping the outcome and much more on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. I think my assessment of Boogie not being a particularly good winner is because he talks a good strategic game but plays entirely on emotion really. The thing Bloom points out as being Mike's contribution to chilltown, winning the coup d'etat and thus gets George not to put Will up, wasn't actually what will wanted at the time. Will wanted to be put up, he wanted to get Erika out and felt secure that he got the votes to stay. That was the move Will wanted to make at the time. Now, had boogie did that on purpose, because he does not want to lose his best ally outside of will, and cockblock will to not grt Erika evicted then as a move for himself and not chilltown, then I'd give him more credit as a player. But it was an entirely emotional move, he heard his buddy was going up and blew up at George for it. That instance is not so much an example of Mike being a worthy winner but rather an example of him not understanding what Will wanted to do at that juncture and someone who plays emotionally.


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