Friday, January 5, 2018

Big Brother All-Stars: Weeks 9-10 with Paul Asleson

Although the endgame is upon us, the action is still hot as ever inside the BB7 house, and joining us to make sure the corresponding takes follow suit is Survivor Historian Paul Asleson. Watch along to see Chilltown develop a more genuine bond with Santa NPH than with anyone in the house all summer, then listen on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. You guys nicely touched on Boogie's reluctance to commit to Erika as his number 1 over Will. While the show presented Will being safe and Danielle going up as mainly a product of Boogie's showmance, I'd say Will actually did a lot more work to secure that outcome than Boogie. One thing that gets left out of the episode was that for as unwilling as Boogie was to make that kind of F2 commitment to Erika, Will had no problem waltzing in to the HOH later and telling Erika he was happy to drop out at F3 (this also connects with the money-splitting pitch Chilltown tried to use with multiple people in the house).

    Likewise, after she got screamed at by Danielle, Erika first sought the counsel of Boogie, who declared that "Will's better at this stuff" and refused to get out of bed (this is captured on one of the Youtube videos of the feeds titled "Erika Gets Away from Danielle;" I think most of the feed videos from the doorbell night that are still online are pretty entertaining). That's why Will was the one who spent the night in the HOH during the doorbell incident. And Erika was legitimately waffling about her nomination at that point. Boogie's complete nonchalance at the situation can be treated either as yet another illustration of how inferior he was to Will or perhaps instead a case of him playing smarter not harder (as with his F4 veto throw as well).

    One thing worth mentioning on the George eviction is that after the veto Janelle apparently tried to make an F2 deal with Erika if she voted off Boogie, with Janelle presumably then booting him after the 1-1 tie. It’s unfortunate this was never aired, as it further fueled Janelle's dislike of Erika and made the fact that they girls did end up making a deal for the next boot all the more surprising. Obviously Erika didn’t take the deal at the time both because Janelle had just reneged on the deal they had supposedly made during Erika’s own HOH by nominating her and because she probably rightly perceived Boogie as her ideal F2 partner. The fact that Janelle was in this position at all just reinforces what a poor HOH it was for her, though I’d probably still rank the Marcellas week as her worst this season.

    Finally, I think Will losing the F5 veto being such a gamechanger for him is a little overstated. At the time, Erika winning HOH was seen as bad for the chances of a Chilltown F2, but not bad for Will himself because he was still seen as practically guaranteed to survive until F3 under every HOH-Veto winner combination that round (and many people suggested that that was the F4 scenario Will should have been aiming for all along anyway). If Erika goes at F5 however, I’m not convinced Janelle would necessarily keep Will over George at F4. George wouldn’t have been able to expose Chilltown like Erika, but he also didn’t have the baggage and bad history with Janelle that she had either.


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