Thursday, February 1, 2018

Big Brother Player Rankings (2018) with Taran Armstrong and Kos

In mid-2012 (!), we joined up with Eric Stein stunt double and hot take enthusiast Kos for what became our longest ever show (a high bar for us), a spirited and very, very extended debate over Big Brother player rankings. Now, over five years later, he makes his return alongside Big Brother live feed correspondent-in-chief Taran Armstrong to update those rankings and shatter that record. We discuss the winners and also-rans from the post-BB14 era, with a brief visit to our Canadian cousins, and revisit our arguments from last time before taking another crack at the debate that never dies: is Will or Dan the best of all time (or is it even one of them at all?!). Plus, in what may be a world first, an internet debate comes close to changing someone's mind!

As always, you can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.

0:06:00 - The Bottom Tier
0:37:00 - Shapiro Era/pre-BB14 non-winners
1:48:45 - Modern Era/BBCAN/other notables
2:43:15 - Andy Herren
3:02:15 - Derrick Levasseur
3:15:30 - Will Kirby
3:29:00 - Dan Gheesling/GOAT Debate

RHAPpy Hour BB Winner Rankings (non-winners)


  1. I think it's necessary to say I listened to this.
    I listened to all of this.


  2. Loving this so far even though not all the way finished. Love hearing from Kos & Taran in addition to the great Colin Stone+Dom Harvey! Also really enjoying the Woo drinking game joke meme & the Meme/Metaphor about Woo or (fill in the blank) being better than 95% of people/players on accident than others on purpose. Love ranking or all tome list shows anout almost any topic you might do. Last thoughts, I've never rewatched any Big Brother season but still find this fun.


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