Sunday, February 25, 2018

Survivor 36: Season Preview

Jeff Probst is on an island somewhere and isn't returning our calls so we rang each other to debate what might be in Pandora's Box and which of these youngsters will be elected prom king or queen on finale night, with a few distractions along the way. As always, you can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.

Pre-season coverage roundup on Reddit
Quack Wabbit's Survivor writeups (Sucks thread)


  1. The Harvard better than Oxford jokes are funny. I've only finished community college. But if i could do it all over I'd choose Oxford, Cambridge or LSE over any Ivy League school for undergrad. If money was no object & I was admitted. Especially because of the tutorial system. Secondly would be lack of an emphasis on sports, Greek life, binge drinking to the point of alcohol poisoning or defecating oneself, political correctness, safe spaces, trigger warnings, micro-agressions, protesting faculty members for b.s. !@#$%&* reasons, etc. Love the podcast! Feel bad that Patreon hasn't worked out the way you had hoped. Seriously thinking about trying to find room in my tight budget to support you 2 as well as RHAP. Starting to feel bad/guilty being a free rider consumer of the podcast. Even with it currently being offered for free. Without the 2 of you i would've never found out about the Genius. Plus i love the politics topic podcast special episodes so much! Please do more! Whether German, British, French, Italian politics or elections. Or maybe a special episode about the difference between England/Britain/U.K. education systems & the U.S.A from primary school thru graduate school. Including legal & medical professional education and training. Or Barrister vs Solicitor. NHS vs US medical system. British tv vs USA tv (sitcoms, dramas, reality tv, game shows, talk shows, sports tv, news/current events). Sorry again for such a long, rambling comment. Insomnia has me loopy today.

  2. Please share a link to the whales bit! I want to be able to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'd also like to know his name if possible so I can try to find more of his content. A million billion thanks from one of your biggest fans!

    1. Thanks for the support and the stream of consciousness! Whales clip is here:

    2. Thanks so much for responding! Sorry again for such, a long rambling post! Enthusiasm got the best of me I guess.


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