Sunday, December 2, 2018

Survivor 37: Done Carl-eone -- Episode 10 (+11?) Recap/Analysis

The David vs. Goliath double-episode featured enlightening seminars on everything from rice negotiations to abstract verbal robotics, but today we're mostly here to belittle each other like Alec on the cross, available on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. Sound wasn't that bad. I subscribe to the beggars can't be choosers school of thought. If people don't like it, though luck. Go kick rocks. Especially if they're not supporting Dom+Colin on Patreon. I'm not able to do so currently. And even if I did I should be grateful for the hours of podcasting content I've enjoyed over the years. In regards to liking a winner over other finalists. What about Bob vs Susie ( & Sugar), Mike Holloway vs Carolyn, Fabio vs Chase Rice, & Parvati vs Amanda S16 FvF? I can sort of see what your getting at with Kara edit in aftermath of Michele win. But I hope it doesn't happen. Out of 8 remaining players I have her 5th in how likely I want her to win. Above just Alison (barely), Mike & Angelina. What's odd to me is how often we've had a F3 (FTC=3 or FTC=2) of all women vs all men. Only once S21 for all men. S29, S24, S16 & S4 for the women. Not to mention never having a all Male F4 or F5. Even just 3-1 advantages of one gender over the other seems more common with women instead of men. According to my extremely preliminary checking via Wikipedia. That's something that never seems to be mentioned when it comes to Survivor gender discussions. I do hope though that in future seasons more ladies find idols, advantages, etc. But not through producers manipulation. But by going out exploring & being daring. Dam the consequences! Looking forward to whatever types of content the 2 of u decide to release in off season. Enjoyed West Wing & Brexit podcasts. As well as German election, etc. Want to watch some of Bojack Horseman b4 listening to podcast though. Thanks so much for all you do for your loyal & appreciative fans!