Monday, December 5, 2011

New Episodes

Hey Guys--

We're recording TWO new episodes today.  The first will be about the newest episode of Survivor: South Pacific, featuring episode analysis, how things could have gone differently at F7, where we think each player stands, our predictions about what we might see next, and an in-depth look back at other famous and interesting F7 spots from Survivor history.

In the second episode, Dom and I are pleased to be joined by our first guest, ESPN's Gary Wise.  We'll be talking about the Survivor Hall of Fame, which is due to add three new members shortly after the conclusion of Survivor: South Pacific.  We'll be breaking down all of the contenders, revealing our own ballots, and predicting who we think will end up enshrined.

The episodes will be available for download later this week.  Enjoy!

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