Friday, December 9, 2011

Survivor 23: Hall of Fame discussion ft. Gary Wise

For this edition we are happy to be joined by poker writer and Survivor superfan ESPN's Gary Wise to discuss this year's potential entrants into the Survivor Hall of Fame. We talk about both the near-certain inductees and some dark horses as well as what a 'Hall of Fame' should aim to embody. You can find the podcast here or here (and, sometime in the distant future, on iTunes).

We'll post a schedule for the upcoming week sometime soon. We don't know exactly when and what we're going to podcast about yet, but at the very least we want to do one podcast before next Sunday's finale and one after. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

EDIT: We've also fixed the audio on the F7 podcast, so it should work normally now.

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  1. Colin you said that you don't think Ozzy will get a lot of votes by the 50% that aren't the general fans...

    He is on the ballots of:

    Drusilla Moorhouse (EOnline)
    Mara Reinstein (US Weekly)
    Dalton Ross (E Weekly)
    David Burris (Executive Producer)
    Russell Hantz (Don of the Hantz Family)
    Jesse Jensen (Executive Producer)

    He is NOT on the ballots of:

    John Kirhoffer (Challenge Producer)
    Parvati Shallow (HOAT)
    Jeff Probst (Executive Producer)
    Sandra Diaz-Twine (2 time Winna)
    Rob Mariano (GOAT

    so he is on 6 of the 11 ballots from the 'committee.' I am going to assume both Hatch and Mark Burnett will both get votes. There might be more too.


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