Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plan A: Podcast; Plan B: Podcast.

First of all, AMAZING episode last night.

On the next podcast, Dom and I will be going over the last two episodes of Survivor and looking ahead to the season finale.  We plan on recording today (Thursday) or tomorrow.  It appears as though we have the audio issues totally figured out, so the turnaround shouldn't be long between recording and posting the new show on here.

After the finale this Sunday, we'll be doing a season-in-review episode, and we're happy to announce that for that episode, we'll be joined by Survivor Hall of Fame creator and Xfinity TV correspondent Gordon Holmes to break down the finale and take a look back at the season as a whole.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter for hilarious banter and podcast updates (@colinstone and @MC_Usher) or check out the 2+2 thread.

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