Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Survivor 25: Monsters of the Mid-Game -- Episode 9 Recap/Analysis

This is going up hours before the next Survivor episode and the day before Thanksgiving, showing that we're not as good at pleasing an audience as Lisa was. Nevertheless, there was a lot to cover this week, and cover it we did. How did Penner go from being under the gun to over the moon in the space of three days, and were his allies right to let this happen? What can be made of the Penner-Lisa dynamic and his journey through the fourth wall and into her personality? Is this the end of the Axis of Evil, or can Pete and Abi save themselves? And just how credible is Malcolm's promise to help the world's children instead of tending bar? All this, and more, on a belated edition of the podcast, available here, below, or on iTunes here.

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  1. Regarding Malcolm vs Denise, I still am a believer that Malcolm wins if they face off in a final 2, or in a final 3 vs someone else. I think Malcolm has the argument that he was the bigger threat, people were always gunning for him, and he made it all the way. I also think he probably gets the Axis of Evil's three votes; he seemed to bond with them (particularly Pete, but I don't think we saw anything bad from his relationships with Abi and Artis) well with his time on Tandang. He probably gets Carter's vote, and I can see Jeff Kent voting for him, he seems like he'd vote for an alpha-male. I can still see Penner and RC voting for Malcolm too, but that isn't really based off of much except what I think they might do.

    After tonight's episode, I see Abi being the f7 vote most likely. It really seems like everyone wants her gone and she seems to be grating on everyone. It also seems like Malcolm/Denise/Lisa/Skupin is the f4 alliance. Not sure what happens there, particularly if someone like Carter is with those four at f5 to be the swing vote between the two pairs. It seems like Malcolm/Denise should want Carter for the swing vote but Lisa/Skupin should want Penner to be the swing vote, so it should be interesting at f6 if indeed Abi is the f7 boot.


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