Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Survivor 25: Unburying the Truth -- Episode 7 Recap/Analysis

(NOTE: Apologies for the delay in bringing you this week's episode; a perfect storm of elections, laziness, and IRL commitments meant that we weren't able to get it done until now. In all likelihood, tonight's episode will have invalidated much of what we said. However, if you do decide to listen anyway, we hope it provides interesting food for thought)

In case you weren't aware, Jeff Kent doesn't want a veteran to win, hurricanes are wet, and Obama carried Massachusetts. What was really behind Jeff's anti-veteran crusade, and does he deserve the criticism that the fan base has been delivering to him after his move last week?  With three idols and more voting blocs than fingers in Jeff's handshakes, what should have happened this week and what could happen in future ones? And is Carter finally developing the capacity for human emotion? We tackle all of these questions and more in this week's show, available on the player below, HERE, and on iTunes HERE.

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