Sunday, October 22, 2017

Society, Games, and Society Game with Myles Nye

(image from Wise Guys Events)

In case you haven't watched an even more obscure Korean game show than The Genius, don't worry! The ins and outs of Society Game are just one of many topics covered in this wide-ranging conversation with Survivor challenge consultant, game and event designer, and skilled raconteur Myles Nye. You can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.



  1. Um, how come the podcast randomly cuts off at the end?

    1. There was some weird behaviour when the file was uploaded but afaik it's been fine for most people? Which platform are you listening on?

  2. Love hearing from Myles! My podcast also cut out suddenly towards the end. Using a Samsung phone & just pushing play on the main website. Thanks Dom & Colin for all your hard work making this podcast for all us listeners out here!

  3. The Genius, Crime Scene, and Society Game are really unique in terms of Korean variety/reality shows. The shows themselves also aren't as popular as the other main variety shows withing Korea since they're aired on cable channels, which have lower viewship, and thus lower ratings. Most other shows aired in Korea aren't really based on intellectual problem solving and strategy and are made purely for entertainment. The only popular show that is comparable to them is Running Man, which at it's core is very different than those shows. Running Man has a few episodes in there that are sort of strategy based, with the memebrs bettaying each other trying to find out who the "spy" is but the biggest purpose of that show is to be funny and the help guests promote shows/movies/music, and that's really it, and in reality, most other reality shows in Korea are like that as well. Most people also wouldn't enjoy it if you have no interest in Korean celebrities or want to take the time to get to know the main cast well.

  4. loved this. so great! i hope he gets to make the genius in america! and i hope you have him on again.
    say, do you know where i could watch australian survivor online in the US?

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