Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Big Brother All-Stars: Week 3

After BB19 immediately tilted us too hard to even think about Big Brother over the summer, we're back to carry on with our BB7 rewatch series as we dive into the now-legendary third week of the game. Catch up on our previous coverage here, here, and here, then find this week's episode below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. I believe it was mentioned on the feeds that if both George and Kaysar had put down 60 days, there'd simply be no veto winner. Both guys would have still been on slop for the 60 days though.

    Also James wanted Marcellas up in place of Jase and briefly tried to sell the rest of his alliance on it. Marcellas wasn't in particularly good with S6 in general but just with Janelle. Chilltown's parachute talk during Janelle's next HOH was obviously self-serving but had some basis in reality. They had also started building up the floaters as huge threats to S6 and also annoying in general this week, which nearly worked on James as well as it did on Janelle. Beyond the fact that Marcellas wasn't especially loyal to him or S6 in general, I believe James also feared that even if he didn't attack S6 directly, his most likely target was his closest non-S6 ally Danielle.

    The choice of Jase over Boogie came down in part to fear of Will being able to flip the rest of the house into getting rid of him if he was up against Boogie. S6 wanted to guarantee a competition threat would leave and thought the only way to do that was by putting up Jase since they didn't control the vote. Of course they still didn't control the votes in this scenario either, and Danielle briefly tried to rally the house to save Jase anyway on the feeds. She rightly thought he'd be more useful to her as a relatively free agent than Will but eventually pulled the plug on that effort.

    Finally Will and Boogie actually did try to sell eliminating Howie as being a "sign of good faith" to S6, as rightly eyeroll-inducing as that sounds.


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