Sunday, October 8, 2017

Survivor 35: Aquadumped -- Episode 2 Recap/Analysis

The action is rising in Fiji as the players are pairing up and the idols are literally coming out of the woodwork and in today's podcast we break down which of the Day 1 duos is best poised to make a deep run and which might be split up early. Plus, who would have been a better fit for Survivor: Borneo? And are Cole and Devon completely interchangeable? All that and more below, here or on iTunes here.

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  1. Haven’t listened to the whole show yet, so I’m not sure if this is addressed again later, but Chrissy wasn’t given the idol because she did poorly at the first challenge.

    According to Wigler in the final First One Out podcast - Ryan and Devon didn't actually see Chrissy throwing up. The Hustlers and Healers had already left by that point, so that didn't factor into their decision at all. They apparently spent a lot of time working through the possibilities of what they could do with the idol, and decided to give it to someone who they thought would be SAFE at the first Tribal Council, with the hope that they could potentially leverage that to form a relationship with them later. Roark was their choice if the Healers lost, and Chrissy for the Heroes.

    This makes Chrissy getting the fake idol much more agreeable to me. It tells me she must be putting out some good vibes to the other tribes if Ryan and Devon were pretty confident that she wouldn’t be targeted first, despite being in that dangerous ‘older woman’ spot on the Heroes tribe. It’ll be interesting to learn more about after the season.


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