Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Big Brother All-Stars: Week 6

As Janelle excels herself expelling Marcellas, we're here for another week of BB7 discussion. With Season 6 nominally regaining power after the fall of their leader (again), was there any chance of them regrouping? How does Marcellas being crowned mayor of the jury house affect the future jury dynamics? And just how does Chilltown keep getting away with it? All this and more on this week's episode, available below, here, or on iTunes here.



  1. Boogie 100% threw the HOH to Janelle. There was a moment on the feeds in between the Grodner meeting and the do-over where Will and Boogie were talking about how great it would be if Janelle won it. Boogie lasted as long as he did so he could spin a story to both Janelle and Danielle that he was trying his darndest for his respective alliances with them, which as with most Chilltown lies this season they both bought hook line and sinker.

    Regarding Janelle despising Erika's gameplay, there was a general stigma about her even going into the game. In the first place she was seen as the closest analogue to Amber and there was still a lot of gnashing of teeth about how Survivor All-Stars went to the least deserving person. Even while he was allied with her in the early going, Marcella would still tell season 6 privately he was getting "Amber Alert" vibes from her. On Sucks, where Janelle posted a fair bit after season 6, the Erika thread during the campaign season was literally called "The Erika Landin Pact" and involved posters vowing not to vote her into the house because she'd just be a boring asskissing floater in the game. Will reinforced this view of her again and again with Janelle starting week 4 when he somehow got her thrown on the block. The best was this week during the judges' segment of the food competition, Erika yelled out "We love you guys!" and Jun responded along the lines of "Don't you tell everyone that Erika?" which Will of course used to further fuel Janelle's hatred of how she was playing the game.

    Finally on the goodbye messages, besides James' lying, the extent to which Will laid it on thick about Marcellas just being such a threat to him because of his charisma and charm was hilarious. This is doubly so because he would brown nose all the evictees in the messages but would tell everyone still in the house that he was leaving really mean messages because he thought that made for good TV (and at bare minimum it seemed like Erika and Janelle kind of believed him). The sheer audacity of Will trying to get himself perceived as a goat was always hilarious to me, and I was kind of sad James was the only other jury member who got goodbye messages on the air because I would have loved to have seen the BS he'd try to sell Howie for instance.

  2. There was a malfunction in a BBOTT competition. The contestants were pointing lasers at mirrors to solve a maze. One of the mirrors malfunctioned and the two players with the fastest times were given the chance to compete again. I cannot remember if this was an HOH or a veto competition but only 2 players were given the chance to replay the competition.

  3. I bet Howie would be just as well received on BB20. Maybe a little less and he would probably lose his job due to radical BB fans but I still think he would be super popular. He's meansprited but he brings so much to the entertainment aspect.


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