Monday, November 6, 2017

Restoring Sanity: Life After RTV

Last year's episode on RTV fans ignoring boundaries covered just one aspect of the confusing, complicated, and often lengthy process of readjusting to life after reality TV; this follow-up takes another dive into that broader topic. Poker pro and TV veteran David Williams and Big Brother contestant and commentator Jordan Parhar share their experiences as contestants and then alumni, while Big Brother Canada's official psychologist Dr Steven Stein explains his work from the other side of the curtain preparing contestants for what comes next.

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01:45 - Steven Stein
27:00 - David Williams
1:00:45 - Jordan Parhar

(Music: Strangers - Passenger)

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  1. Super inciteful. I've watched only Survivor and still enjoyed not knowing the folks on show. They were all delightful.

  2. I started to listen to this through iTunes and the next day it was gone. Can you put it can on iTunes??


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